Arnold Tool & Die Co.

Chesterfield, Michigan


Please note: We have moved to a brand new facility at:

48800 Structural Drive, Chesterfield MI. 48051

Stay tuned for updates and a new website coming soon!


ENGINEERING:  Innovative tooling development & CAD design.

TOOL & DIE MFG:  Progressive, Secondary, Prototype, Attribute Checking Gages.

METAL STAMPINGS:  Concept through completion, one piece or millions.

PRESS CAPACITY:  20 Presses to 600 tons.

PRODUCT MFG:  Complete service including: Assemblies, Painting, Plating, Prototype, Staking, Tapping, Testing, Tumbling, and Welding.


A Progressive Company With Progressive Tools Since 1969

Specializing In Quality Stamped Brackets, Competitively Priced, Using All Stamp-able Materials


ISO 9001:2015