Arnold Tool & Die Co.


We Engineer

Both prototype and production tooling is designed in house by our senior engineering staff.

We Build

We build all our prototype and production tooling in our new tool build center. We have invested in new technology to better serve our customers.

We Manufacture

With presses ranging from 60 to 600 tons we have all of your production needs covered.

Our Capabilities

From quick turnaround prototyping to production tool design & build to production metal stamping, welded assemblies, and check fixtures, we will exceed your expectations.

Owner: Thom McKay

Tool Design & Build

We have completely redefined our engineering and production tool build process to a world class level. Through new extensive process control methods we are able to ensure a high quality die design and production tool, and also ensure on time delivery.

We have invested in new technologies including a fully tooled CNC mill, and proprietary machining software to streamline our build process.

We have over 80 years combined engineering & progressive die design experience, and a highly skilled and experienced die build team. Our dedicated team can design & build a superior tool in less time.

Quick Turnaround Prototype

Our product development and prototyping capability give you the competitive advantage in beating your competitor to market. 

Partnering with a potential production stamping company for your prototyping needs is a prime opportunity to review the component’s features and tolerances to minimize cost. We  specialize in metal stamping prototypes and with hydraulic presses from ranging from 40 to 200 tons, we are ready to meet your prototyping needs.

Whether your order is 1 piece or 500+ pieces, our prototype process will ensure a high quality consistent part from beginning to end.

Production & Assemblies

Why choose Arnold tool for your metal stamping & welded assembly needs?

We’ve specialized in production metal stamping for over 50 years. Our engineers, die technicians, quality technicians, and production staff are among the elite in the industry. 

With presses ranging from 60 to 600 tons, we have the flexibility to meet your manufacturing needs.

Our state-of-the-art progressive die build center, process control system, and our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Assurance System ensure a quality product throughout the life of the program.